Twin Cedars Farm

    Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin sheep are 'hair sheep', do not have wool, and shed much like dogs each spring.  Katahdin's are a low-maintenance, easy care sheep.  We chose the breed because of their great lamb vigor, mothering ability, no shear, and wonderfully light flavored meat quality.  A perfect fit for our farm, and our goals as a breeding stock and meat producer.

Our farm has grown quickly, including 80 breeding ewes, 45 replacement ewe lambs, and 4 rams.  We will be continuing to add new sheep to maximize our genetics, and continue the farm's focus on Bio-Security testing (CL, OPP),  staying foot rot free, supporting the USDA Scrapie program, AND our participation in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP).  Looking forward to what the future holds for us!

Twin Cedars Farm
Producing quality registered Katahdin sheep   

Please take a moment to look around the site.  You'll find information, pictures, and facts related to Twin Cedars Farm and our sheep operations.  Hope you enjoy, and we'd welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Twin Cedars Farm was established in 2011, and is located in a beautiful valley in Decatur, Tennessee very near the Hiwassee and Tennessee rivers. Cheryll and I own, manage - and love - the farm and farm life, far away from the closeness of city living, and Cheryll's corporate job.  Originally, the farm started as a dream of eventual retirement to the country, with enough property to let our Australian Shepherds run. Once we took our Aussies for herding training, for fun of course, Cheryll quickly found she had a love for sheep and specifically Katahdin hair sheep.  Our dream then shifted to include Katahdin's, and the focus for our farm was borne.

We quickly added sheep to the farm as well as Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Our seven Great Pyrenees LGDs are critical to the safety of the sheep, and work hard at night so that we can sleep.  We quickly recognized the value of these partners on the farm and would not, could not, do this without them.


Breed Stock

Top quality breeding stock with the best genetics for muscling, mothering ability, and parasite resistance.  We work hard at continuing to improve our flock genetics and hope to share the genetics with others.  We only offer the best of our lamb crop for sale each year - only those that we know will perform well on other farms, large or small, regardless of the management system utilized.  Any lambs not showing promise based on Average Daily Gains, Parasite Resistance, and exceptional structure are leveraged for the direct or production meat sales side of the farm

Direct and Production Meat Sales

Our goal is to provide the finest meat lambs,  with exceptional carcass, naturally lean with a mild savory flavor.  We eat what we grow!


We perform bio-security testing on all sheep as they reach a year of age, and genotyping (Codon 171) of all sheep for sale.