Direct and Production Meat Sales:  ​
In addition to our primary business of providing breeding stock, we continue to focus on meat sales, providing wonderfully tasting meat for our consumers. We sell to buying stations or direct to YOU at local auction prices, and can deliver to two USDA licensed meat processing Plants local here in Decatur, TN.  Please click on Contact Us in order to place an order.

 Twin Cedars Farm

    Katahdin Sheep

For Sale

We perform critical bio-security on all sheep once they reach a year of age, and Genotype testing (Codon 171) in order to maintain and sell the healthiest and best quality sheep possible to our customers.  Our Flock ID is TWI and we follow all USDA Scrapie regulations for tracking of all sheep.  We provide both Breed Stock and Direct or Production Meat Sales.

Breed Stock:

Please click on Contact Us in order to inquire, or to get on the waiting list for our spring and fall lambing wait list.